Indian Eagle Owl (Bubo Bengalensis)

This drawing has had quite an adventure. It started out in The Netherlands and as the lines
came along, it traveled through the Algarve in Portugal, to Vienna and back to the
Netherlands, where I also worked on it at the Waddenzee.
The drawing took several months, because I set it aside for a while and actually had
forgotten about it. (Happens occasionally.)

Here is a timelapse through pictures.

Working on a Bengal Great Horned Owl, while enjoying the Portuguese sun. ✏️☀️

Een foto die is geplaatst door Irene Veltman 🎨 (@ireneveltman) op

Studio for the day. Onboard a ship at the Waddenzee.
Irene Veltman, 'Bengaalse Oehoe', 30 x 30 cm, Potlood op papier, 2016
‘Indian Eagle Owl’, 30 x 30 cm, pencil on paper, 2016.
Framed and off to an upcoming exhibition. Stay tuned!

Exhibition De Museumwinkel, Nijmegen

NL | Vanaf vandaag kun je vier van mijn tekeningen zien in de Museumwinkel, te Nijmegen.
van Welderenstraat 114
6511 MT Nijmegen
The Netherlands

maandag 13:00 – 18:00
dinsdag 10:00 – 18:00
woensdag 10:00 – 18:00
donderdag 10:00 – 19:00
vrijdag 10:00 – 18:00
zaterdag 10:00 – 17:00
zondag gesloten


‘Vier hommels’, 15 x 15 cm, potlood op papier, 2016.

‘Hercules kever’, 15 x 15 cm, potlood op papier, 2016.


‘Dagpauwoog’, 15 x 15 cm, potlood op papier, 2016.


‘Xylotrupes Gideon’, 15 x 15 cm, potlood op papier, 2016.

Barn Owl + Instagram video

Keep up with my progress on Instagram @IreneVeltman  and Facebook @IreneVeltmanOfficial.

‘Barn Owl’, 30 x 21 cm, Pencil on paper, 2016.


Max & Me

Took a little while to paint this one, because of working on different pieces at the same time,
but it’s finally finished.

Max, one of our cats, didn’t fancy getting picked up and pose, but in my opinion he did a rather good job.

Newest Painting

These ‘Easter Nests’ are starting to be a tradition. View Paintings Gallery, to see my other bird’s nest paintings.

New drawings added to the gallery

Refined sketch.
Darkening the shadows.
And the details done!

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Commissioned painting

Irene Veltman
I had so much fun painting this little piece of fluff.
‘Fluffy young hare’, 12 x 18 cm, oil on linen, 2015, Private Collection.

Ik heb zoveel plezier gehad in het schilderen van dit stukje pluis. 
‘Fluffy jonge haas’, 12 x 18 cm, olieverf op linnen, 2015, Privé Collectie.

Exhibition – galerie van Strien

Zondag 1 november om 15:00 uur is de opening van KLEINWERK in Galerie Van Strien ,in Nieuw-Amsterdam.
Tot en met 13 december zullen verscheidene schilderijen van mij en werken van vijf anderen te zien zijn. Je bent van harte welkom!